The Research

RISE teams conduct rigorous multidisciplinary humanist research that centers Indigenous Peoples’ voices and experiences. This work challenges the status quo of mainstream misrepresentations and omissions of Indigenous People in order to promote positive and equitable outcomes for Indigenous People throughout society. We utilize participatory research-action partnerships to ensure that our work reflects the needs and perspectives of Indigenous communities locally, nationally, and globally. We also provide funding for researchers inside and outside of the academy to conduct research that advances Indigenous equity.

The Mentorship

We engage in culturally responsive mentoring to recruit, support, and sustain the next generation of Indigenous leaders, innovators, and change-makers. From summer research internships to graduate and post-graduate fellowships, our goal is to engage Indigenous youth and allies, helping students to develop the skills and experience they need to create positive social change and give back to their communities.

The Action

We put research into action by partnering researchers with artists and activists to develop educational tools that uplift Indigenous perspectives to create accurate and nuanced understandings of contemporary Indigenous Peoples. Our goal is for all people to not only learn about, but also learn from Indigenous Peoples.