Marco Kamimura : Events Coordinator

Marco Kamimura

Events Coordinator

Marco Kamimura (he/they) is Uchinanchu-Mexican. He grew up in Michigan and Southern California while his parents pursued their paths in Higher Ed. He left Michigan to study Aquatic Ecology, Cultural Anthropology, and Sociology at Grinnell College in Iowa. He takes great pride in his work as an educator and water protector in Michigan and Iowa. His work at RISE aims to amplify Indigenous voices in a good way and sustain intersectional conversations toward future research in the RISE space and the U-M community at large. In doing so, he works to honor his ancestors and the future mirukuyuu (peaceful generation, or youth).

Danesha Binkowski : Administrative Assistant

Danesha Binkowski

Administrative Assistant

Danesha, born in Detroit and raised in Inkster, Michigan, found her niche in administrative support early on in working for the City of Inkster directly out of high school. Happily supporting RISE as the Administrative Assistant, Danesha serves as the "front line" person of the center in supporting mission-driven efforts, implementing and establishing processes, and streamlining systems.

Prior to working at RISE, Danesha had a main hand in opening a college-prep high school in which she provided administrative, operational, and academic support to over 400 students. RISE's mission in bridging the gap and undoing Indigenous inequalities is what drew Danesha to work for the center. Her desire to work toward a shared goal of changing the narrative and bringing awareness to inequality is what keeps her motivated and excited to work for RISE.