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I would be interested in receiving applications from potential postdocs with a strong background in quantiative sciences and an interest in projects in the lab. Please identify the research area in the lab that you would be interested in working on, together with a brief description of your background and experience. Please also arrange for 3 references to send letters of recommendation to me directly. There is no deadline for applications — position will remain open until filled. Salary will range from $37,000-$42,000, plus benefits, depending on experience.


I am interested in accepting new graduate students to the lab, with a broad interest in population ecology. Specifically, I would be keen to hear from potential students who have an interest in the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, general host-natural enemy interactions, spatial ecology and theoretical ecology. Currently, lab research involves a large range of projects that combine field experiments, laboratory microcosm systems, statistical analyses of historical and concurrent data and mathematical modelling approaches.

Funding is available.

If you are interested in the lab’s research focuses, please send me an e-mail ( for more information. You can also visit the University of Michigan’s Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology webpage for more information on graduate programs and the application process