Fox Berry Crisp – Robin Queen

Fox Berry Crisp

About Me

I was a late addition to the clan—coming in to a house with two other cats and SIX dogs. Then, not long after I arrived, they brought in another dog. I didn’t like her at all, but I got over it after a while.

I came from the Huron Valley Human Society and I tell you what, I was a sorry looking specimen. And my name was, get this, “Billy.” I was about a year old when Robin and Susan got me.

But with some time and TLC, my real personality came out. I’ve quite a cool cat and get into lots of mischief. As a trade-off, I’m also about as snuggly as they come!

Just the facts

About my name

The day I came home, my people saw a fox running along the creek behind our house, so they named me after her.

My name before


Other things I’m called

Foxy, Fox-berry crisp, Fox-kitty, Rascal

Gotcha Day

Nov. 3, 2006

What I am

Medium-Hair Dilute Tabby

Where I’m from

Southeastern Michigan

My parents…

Left me to fend for myself at an early age.

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