Lars Honey Bun – Robin Queen

Lars Honey Bun

About Me

Unlike my brother, Milo, I’m an easy going fellow who can roll with the punches. I like playing wrestle with my buddy Fox and I also really like my chow. A lot. Really, a whole lot. And since I like my chow so much, I need pretty constant monitoring or I’ll eat the other kitties’ chow, too. What can I say, I’ve got big bones.

Just the facts

About my name

One of my people had wanted a kitty named Lars for a long time.

My name before


Other things I’m called

Larzish, Larsi, Big Boy

Gotcha Day

June 15, 2009

What I am

Short-hair Tabby

Where I’m from

Southeastern Michigan

My parents…

Didn’t teach me good eating habits.

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