Rafe A. Roni – Robin Queen

Rafe A. Roni

About Me

I came to Robin and Susan when I was seven months old after spending my youth on a sheep farm, living life as a farm dog. Susan and Robin saw me at a sheep herding trial, but they were really more interested in my brother. They hemmed and hawed, though, and by the time they made up their minds, I was all that was left.

They took me anyway and I’m turning into a real nice working dog for Susan. I also do important maintenance of the tennis balls in our backyard and generally run the pack. Not sure what they did before I came along.

Just the facts

About my name

I’m named for a character in a Maisie Dobbs novel and the actor Ralph Fiennes, but my name is spelled the way it’s pronounced.

My name before


Other things I’m called

Rafey, Rafe-a-roo, Rafester, Rafe-a-roni, Rafish, Lug, Oaf

Gotcha Day

Dec. 5, 2005

What I am

Tri-color, smooth-coated Border Collie

Where I’m from

Homer, MI

My parents

Snip of Kentucky and Pete of the Isle of Man

My position on a football team


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Gallery: Working

Gallery: I am who I am

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