Tansy Cake – Robin Queen

Tansy Cake

About Me

I was born in Southern Illinois in August 2000. My person didn’t do much with me and I was so bored I almost couldn’t stand it. But, I’m a patient girl, so I just waited until someone came to rescue me.

I came to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue in Dec. 2004. One family adopted me, but I’m not all that fond of men, so they had to bring me back. Susan and Robin got me in February and I’ve come a long, long way, baby.

It’s all because of me that Susan and Robin got interested in working sheep and for that, Rafe, Kyzer and Hamish should be more grateful than they are–seeing as otherwise, they’d live somewhere else.

Just the facts

About my name

I’m named for a pretty, yellow herb and because my people wanted something happy and carefree

My name before

Disney (and before that, Dazy Mae)

Other things I’m called

Tan, Tan-pan, Tanpanorama, Tansy-cake, Tan-tan, Tanzer, Z-tan

Gotcha Day

Feb 5, 2005

What I am

Border Collie, with ticking

Where I’m from

Southern Illinois

My parents…


Gallery: Working

Gallery: Playing

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