Join the Ruotolo Research Group

Our research focuses on the development of methods and applications of ion mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS) to elucidate structures of proteins and protein complexes. Some of our primary research areas include:

  • IM-MS to study different proteins/protein complexes
  • Collision induced unfolding fundamental and applications
  • Developing software for data analysis
  • Developing algorithms to model protein assemblies
  • Developing methods to study:
    • Structural ensembles
    • Membrane proteins
    • Intrinsically disordered proteins
    • Biotherapeutic proteins
  • Instrumentation and methodology development:
    • Ion Sources
    • Charge Manipulation
    • High-throughput screening
  • And more

Please visit all the research projects in the website for more details.

There are no special pre-requisites to join the lab other than enthusiasm for learning about native mass spectrometry and good work ethic.

Undergraduate Students

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Graduate Students

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Post-Doctorate Scholars

Please email Prof. Brandon Ruotolo for availability and additional information.