Recent and Upcoming talks


On October 28–29, 2015, I will be presenting a paper “Jews Forcing Jews: The Story of the Forced Conversion of Iberian Karaites in the Anti-Jewish Writing of Abner of Burgos” at the conference “Pouvoir politique et conversion religieuse 2: ‘Signes et scènes'” to be held at Université Paris-Est – Marne-la-Vallée.



On February 23‒25, 2015, I presented the paper “From convert to convert: On the medieval parallels and predecessors of the Pfefferkorn-Reuchlin debate” at the conference “’Noviter in lucem data iudeorum secreta’. Johannes Pfefferkorn’s Campaign against the Jews: Antisemitism and Ethnography in the Sixteenth Century” in Uppsala University, Sweeden.

On February 26, 2015, I gave a lecture at the Centre for Medieval Literature at Southern Denmark University, Odense, Denmark, entitled “Brothers of Lot, Children of Abraham: Captivity and Medieval Polemical Literature.”

December 5, 2014 (3pm), I gave a joint lecture with Thomas Burman (University of Tennessee) at the Ohio State University Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies entitled “The Polemics and Projects of Ramon Martí O.P.: Debating the Legacy of Medieval Iberia’s Greatest Linguist.”
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On November 4, 2014 (12pm), I gave a lecture at the University of Chicago entitled “Rethinking ‘Abrahamic’ Communities: Polemical Writing and Comparative Religious Studies”
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On September 29–October 4, 2014, I participated in the “Polemical Encounters” conference in Madrid at the CSIC-CCHS where I presented on  “Prisons and Polemics: Captivity and Inter-Religious Encounter.” For more information, see HERE

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On October 25–26, 2014, I participated in the conference “International Networks and National Frameworks of Medieval Studies” at Fordham University where I presented on “From Father to Son: Ways of Reading the Alfonsine Tradition, 1250–1350.”