ryan_bookAstrolabes in Medieval Cultures

Edited by Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, Charles Burnett, Silke Ackermann and Ryan Szpiech

Based on a special issue first published in the journal Medieval Encounters (vol. 23, 2017), this volume brings together fifteen updated studies on various aspects of the astrolabe in medieval cultures. Contributors are Silke Ackermann, Emilia Calvo, John Davis, Laura Fernández Fernández, Miquel Forcada, Azucena Hernández, David A. King, Taro Mimura, Günther Oestmann, Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma, Petra G. Schmidl, Giorgio Strano, Flora Vafea, and Johannes Thomann.
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ryan_bookMedieval Exegesis and Religious Difference: Commentary, Conflict, and Community in the Premodern Mediterranean

Edited by Ryan Szpiech

“An impressively coherent collection illuminating the rich cultural and historical importance of biblical exegesis in the medieval Mediterranean world. Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference assembles a formidable cadre of creative scholars whose rigorous investigations render it a fascinating and important contribution.”
—Jeremy Cohen, Tel Aviv University

“The quality of the studies in Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference is of a very high level and many [of the essays] break new ground based on the close study of manuscripts or the examination of familiar texts from new perspectives.”
—Barry Dov Walfish, University of Toronto

“These articles could be considered the trailblazers of future research concerning medieval apologetical and polemical literature…More studies like these will give the world of medieval scholarship a more solid foundation for doing general survey work on interreligious engagement in the Middle Ages. Medieval Exegesis and Religious Difference is an exemplary attempt to provide a significant step in the direction of a more nuanced and balanced view of medieval Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations.”
—Steven J. McMichael, University of Saint Thomas

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ryan_bookConversion and Narrative: Reading and Religious Authority in Medieval Polemic

Winner of the 2015 La Corónica Book Award

“A remarkably learned, ambitious, and important study. Conversion and Narrative will make a signal contribution to medieval studies in general, but more particularly to literary studies, intellectual history, and religious studies.”
—Thomas E. Burman, University of Tennessee

“This impressive book bridges the fields of religious studies and comparative literature in order to produce close and sophisticated readings of conversion narratives from the later Middle Ages across a broad array of languages (Latin, Castilian/Catalan, Arabic, and Hebrew). Very few scholars can move so gracefully among these languages and areas of scholarship while offering insights from the minutiae of philological analysis to high literary theory, reflections on the nature of religion, and notions of the self.”
—Jonathan Decter, Brandeis University
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