Recent Selected Publications

Ryu, K.H., Huang, L., Kang, H.M. and Schiefelbein J. (2019)  Single-cell RNA sequencing resolves molecular relationships among individual plant cells.  Plant Physiology, February 2019.  doi: 10.1104/pp.18.01482 [PMID: 30718350] [Transcriptome Data – GSE123013]  [Link to Article]

Huang, L., Shi, X., Wang, W., Ryu, K.H., and Schiefelbein, J. (2017) Diversification of root hair development genes in vascular plants.  Plant Physiology 174:1697-1712.  doi: 10.1104/pp.17.00374 [Link to Article]

Dai, X., Zhou, L., Zhang, W., Cai, L., Guo, H., Tian, H., Schiefelbein, J.W., and Wang, S. (2016)  A single amino acid substitution in the R3 domain of GLABRA1 leads to inhibition of trichome formation in Arabidopsis without affecting its interaction with GLABRA3. Plant Cell Environ.  39:897-907.  doi: 10.1111/pce.12695

Huang, L. and Schiefelbein J. (2015) Conserved Gene Expression Programs in Developing Roots from Diverse Plants.  Plant Cell 27: 2119-2132.  doi: 10.1105/tpc.15.00328   [Link to Article]

Kwak, S.-H., Song, S.-K., Lee, M.M., and Schiefelbein J. (2015) TORNADO1 regulates root epidermal patterning through the WEREWOLF pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Signaling & Behavior 10:e1103407.  doi: 10.1080/15592324.2015.1103407

Schiefelbein, J. (2015) Molecular phenotyping of plant single cell-types enhances forward genetic analysis.   Front. Plant Sci. 6: 509 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00509

Schiefelbein, J., Huang, L., and Zheng, X.  (2014). Regulation of epidermal cell fate in Arabidopsis roots: the importance of multiple feedback loops.  Front. Plant Sci. 5: 47. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00047 [PMCID: PMC3925829] [PMID: 24596575]

Grierson, C., Nielsen, E., Ketelaarc, T., and Schiefelbein, J. (2014) Root Hairs. (peer-reviewed review article) In: The Arabidopsis Book. K. Torii, ed.  doi: 10.1199/tab.0172 [PMID: 24982600]

Simon, M., Bruex, A., Kainkaryam, R.M., Zheng, X., Huang, L., Woolf, P.J., and Schiefelbein, J. (2013) Tissue-specific profiling reveals transcriptome alterations in Arabidopsis mutants lacking morphological phenotypes. Plant Cell 25: 3175-3185. doi: 10.1105/tpc.113.115121 [PMID: 24014549]

Wieckowski, Y. and Schiefelbein, J. (2012)  Nuclear ribosome biogenesis mediated by the DIM1A rRNA dimethylase is required for organized root growth and epidermal patterning in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 24: 2839-2856. 
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Bruex A., Kainkaryam R.M., Wieckowski Y., Kang Y.H., Bernhardt C., Xia Y., Zheng X., Wang J.Y., Lee M.M., Benfey P., Woolf P.J., and Schiefelbein J. . (2012) A gene regulatory network for root epidermis cell differentiation in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genetics. 8:e1002446. 
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Song, S.-K., Ryu, KH, Kang, Y-H, Yoo, S-D, Schiefelbein, J., and Lee, M.M. (2011) Cell Fate in the Arabidopsis Root Epidermis Is Determined by Competition between WEREWOLF and CAPRICE. Plant Physiology.157:1196-1208. 
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Benfey, P.N., Bennett, M., and Schiefelbein, J.. (2010) Getting to the root of plant biology: impact of the Arabidopsis genome sequence on root research. Plant J. 61:992-1000. 
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Kang, Y.H., Kirik, V., Hulskamp, M., Nam, K.H., Hagely, K., Lee, M.M., and Schiefelbein, J.. (2009) The MYB23 gene provides a positive feedback loop for cell fate specification in the Arabidopsis root epidermis. Plant Cell. 21: 1080-1094. 
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Schiefelbein, J.W., Kwak, S.-H., Wieckowski, Y., Barron, C., and Bruex, A. . (2009) The gene regulatory network for root epidermal cell-type pattern formation in Arabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany. doi: 10.1093/jxb/ern339. 
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Dinneny, J.R., Long, T.A., Wang, J.Y., Mace, D., Pointer, S., Barron, C., Brady, S.M., Schiefelbein, J., and Benfey, P.N . (2008) Cell identity mediates the response of Arabidopsis roots to abiotic stress. Science.320: 942-945. 

Savage, N.S., Walker, T., Wieckowski, Y., Schiefelbein, J., Dolan, L., and Monk, N.A. . (2008) A mutual support mechanism through intercellular movement of CAPRICE and GLABRA3 can pattern the Arabidopsis root epidermis. PLoS Biology. 6: e235. 

Kwak, S.-H., and Schiefelbein, J. . (2008) A feedback mechanism controlling SCRAMBLED receptor accumulation and cell-type pattern in Arabidopsis. . Current Biology. 18: 1949-1954. 
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