Research Team

Leanna Papp

Leanna Papp ​is a doctoral candidate in the departments of Psychology and Women’s Studies. Her research interests include adaptation to social norms and the development and change of attitudes and beliefs over time.



Dr. Sara McClelland

Dr. Sara McClelland​ is an Associate Professor at University of Michigan in the Departments of Women’s Studies and Psychology. Her research program focuses on studies of the intimate imagination and the expectations individuals develop for what they deserve to feel, experience, and avoid in their intimate lives. She recently received the Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award, the Distinguished Early Career Contributions in Qualitative Inquiry Award (APA Div 5), the Mary Walsh Roth Teaching the Psychology of Women Award (APA Div 35), and the Michele Alexander Early Career Award for Scholarship and Service (APA Div 9). You can learn more about Dr. McClelland’s work here.

Dr. Monique Ward

Dr. Monique Ward​ is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology and a faculty member in the Developmental Area in Psychology. Her research interests center on children’s and adolescents’ developing conceptions of both gender and sexuality, and on the contribution of these notions to their social and sexual decision-making. She is particularly interested in how children interpret and use the messages they receive about male-female relations from their parents, peers, and the media. She was made a Fellow of the American Psychological Society in 2015 for her numerous contributions to the field. She recently received a Distinguished Leadership Award from the APA Committee on Women in Psychology (APA Div 35), and received the University of Michigan Psychology department’s Graduate Mentoring Award (2016) for exceptional support and role modeling.

Research Assistants

Olivia Drlik​

Olivia Drlik​ is a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Gender & Health. She is interested in research about social experiences, particularly the social experiences of women, as this greatly impacts women’s health and well-being. Olivia believes that research in this area contributes to crucial knowledge for practicing nurse midwives, and all medical professionals. She plans to pursue a nurse-midwife career (CNM).

Riley Marshall​

Riley Marshall​ is a senior at the University of Michigan, triple majoring in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender & Health. She is currently working on her thesis, which is focused on the mistreatment of individuals in hospital settings. She plans to apply to graduate school for a PhD in Psychology.