Research Team

Leanna Papp, M.S.

Leanna Papp (she/they) ​is a doctoral candidate in the departments of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. Leanna’s research interests include adaptation to social and sexual norms and the development and change of attitudes and beliefs over time.

Dr. Sara McClelland

Dr. Sara McClelland​ (she/her) is an Associate Professor at University of Michigan in the Departments of Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology. She studies stigma and discrimination, with a focus on issues of reproductive justice and critical sexuality studies. You can learn more about Dr. McClelland’s work here.

Dr. Monique Ward

Dr. Monique Ward (she/her)​ is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology and a faculty member in the Developmental Area in Psychology. Her research interests center on children’s and adolescents’ developing conceptions of both gender and sexuality, and on the contribution of these notions to their social and sexual decision-making.

Research Assistants

Megan Charlakolu

Elise Zander

Past Research Assistants

Olivia Drlik​ (now earning her accelerated Bachelor’s in Nursing at Oakland University)

Riley Marshall​ (now earning their PhD in Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles)