A couple of new papers on scientific reasoning

Check out this new paper in Thinking and Reasoning, based on studies conducted as part of  Fernando Rodriguez’s dissertation

Rodriguez, F., Rhodes, R., Miller, K., & Shah, P. (in press). Examining the influence of anecdotal stories and the interplay of individual differences on reasoning. Thinking and Reasoning. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13546783.2016.1139506?journalCode=ptar20

And, in as similar vein:

Rodriguez, F., Ng, A., & Shah, P. (in press). Do college students notice errors in evidence when evaluating research findings? Journal of Excellence in College Teaching.


The BAAC Lab Goes to Chicago!

Members of the BAAC lab are going to Chicago to present their work at the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting! Come visit us:

Friday Noon poster session:

The Unity and Diversity of Executive Functions Across the Lifespan. BENJAMIN KATZ and PRITI SHAH, University of Michigan

Friday Evening Poster Session:

An Investigation of Reasoning Errors in Coordinating Theory With Data. AUDREY LUSTIG MICHAL, Northwestern University, PRITI SHAH, University of Michigan, STEVEN FRANCONERI, Northwestern University


The Basic and Applied Cognition Lab is Presenting at the Society for Research in Child Development

We’re off to Philadelphia!  Several of us have presentations on Friday March 20.

Katz et al., The Influence of Childhood Activities on Adult Executive Function and Thinking Dispositions  (Poster on Fri, March 20 2:25pm to 3:40pm, Penn CC, Exhibit Hall A on Board # 4)

Ibrahim & Shah Keeping Track of the Numbers: The Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Load on Mathematics Performance and Learning (Talk as part of symposium The Role of Working Memory in Children’s Mathematical Achievement; Fri, March 20 1:55pm to 3:25pm, Marriott, Room 309/310)

Wang & Shah, Spaced Cognitive Training Promotes Transfer in Children (Poster Fri, March 20 8:30am to 9:45am, Penn CC, Exhibit Hall A on Board # 5)

Science Cafe

Ben Katz and Priti Shah presented their research at the LSA Museum of Natural History’s Science Cafe on February 25, 2015.  The event was held at Conor O’Neil’s. Priti_Ben_Science_Cafe