Our lab studies diverse topics related to cognition and education. Currently, the lab has several ongoing projects on topics related to ADHD, cognitive training, scientific reasoning, and mind-wandering.

Scientific Reasoning


Two recently funded projects from the National Science Foundation investigate how the public evaluates evidence about COVID-19. We study how various graphical displays of data and individual difference factors influence risk-seeking behavior and estimated health outcomes. These projects are in collaboration with members of the Lewis Lab, Jonides Lab, Lee Lab, and Polk Lab within the cognitive neuroscience area at University of Michigan, as well as collaborators from the School of Information and Turkey.


Another funded project from the Institute of Educational Sciences that we are currently working with collaborators Dr. Eytan Adar and Dr. Colleen Seifert called “Navigating Scientific and Statistical Reasoning in Adolescence” examines how people reason about evidence and whether people can be trained to be better consumers of science. We also work with Stephanie Preston to study valuing evidence versus authority.

Executive Functions and Working Memory


One recently funded project from the Institute of Educational Sciences is called “Combined Cognitive and Motivational Interventions for ADHD Children” and is in collaboration with John Jonides at Michigan, Susanne Jaeggi at UC Irvine & Martin Buschkuehl at the MIND Research Institute, and Andrea Chronis-Tuscano at the University of Maryland. We also work with Tessa Abagis on studying hyperfocus in ADHD.

Cognitive Training

A related cognitive training project focuses on older adults and is funded by the National Institute of Aging with Susanne Jaeggi (PI), John Jonides, Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, & Martin Buschkuehl

Educational Applications

We study how technology affects problem solving in the classroom in addition to beliefs about learning, learning styles, belief about intelligence, etc.

Mind-wandering and Distraction

We collaborate with the Jonides lab and Han Zhang to study mind-wandering and distraction. We recently completed a study looking at mind-wandering and cell phone use.