Core Values

We welcome group members of all races, ethnicities, languages, immigration statuses, socioeconomic statuses, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, and neurological and physical abilities. Diversity of life experiences and perspectives allows us to conduct action-oriented research. We strive to ensure an environment in which group members feel empowered to express themselves, confident in their abilities, and open to learning about the experiences and perspectives of others. As a part of that environment, the core values of our group include respect, empathy, empowerment, mentorship, and community engagement.

Respect. Our research group prioritizes respect for one another and our community through mindful interactions as we work together, specifically by actively listening and celebrating one another’s strengths.

Empathy. We listen to, pay attention to, and validate the feelings, thoughts, and ideas of others in the group and outside of the group.

Empowerment. We value the perspectives and life experiences of each other and those we interact with. We aim to empower one another and our community as we interact with through our teaching, research, and social roles in the department.

Mentorship. Group members bring unique identities and life experiences, which may or may not be reflected in the mentor-mentee relationship. We value collaborating, requesting help, and providing help in these roles. We are one another’s allies, advocates, and biggest champions.

Community Engagement. We believe that science education stretches beyond the classroom, and as such we are active members of the University of Michigan community and the greater Ann Arbor community. Individually and collectively, we serve our communities through outreach events that educate and inspire people about the various paths and identities of scientists.