Group Pets


Ripley, sometimes Rip, Ripper, Rippy, or Noodle, is a spicy gray chihuahua with brindle paws.  She loves people and earned the nickname Noodle, because she often “noodles” her way on her belly from person to person seeking attention.  She suffers from kleptomania and can frequently be seen speeding away with items of all shapes and sizes, which she hides around the house.  Ripley has the famous chihuahua temper and is quite territorial—attacking anyone who gets too close to Ginger.  She will also lay herself bodily across Ginger if she detects someone else approaching. In her free time she enjoys sitting in the yard, sunning herself and eating sticks.


Cabochon, or Cabo for short, is a willful brown tabby beast masquerading as a cat. Late 2020 she accepted the responsibility of keeping Solaire on task. Cabo keeps a regular routine of waking up before the sun is shining to get in her breakfast and morning workout prior to her morning nap. This is followed by a midday workout, nap, sunbathing, dinner, evening workout, nap, and finally a nighttime prowl to make sure all the tricksey stuffed mice have been properly taken care of. Cabo’s hobbies include hiding in cabinets, chasing her wand, zooming up and down the stairs, and tricking humans into thinking she wants belly rubs. Solaire and Cabo are in a continual stand-off as to if she will become a hiking cat.


Luna is a 14-pound, sassy, and independent black cat. Danielle adopted Luna when she was three-months-old from the Michigan Humane Society during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a kitty who works from home, Luna spends her time hiding from her annoying brother, mimicking the sounds of squirrels and birds, and napping throughout her home office space. When she is not working, Luna cannot be found as she is a black hole that likes to sleep in obscure places. In her spare time, Luna enjoys plotting her escape, playing with her stuffed mice, staring at the toilet, and screaming into the void.


Ulu is a gray tabby cat who was adopted by Danielle and her partner in December 2022. Like any other young cat, Ulu is full of energy and loves two things: eating and playing. Ulu is currently being mentored by his big sister Luna, who is reluctantly teaching him how to be a proper adult cat. Ulu recently started his own independent work, where he is studying how to catch refracted light and the little red dot. When Ulu and Luna are not working together, Ulu can be found chasing his sister around their home office space. In his spare time, Ulu enjoys cuddling with his human staff, breaking his staff members’ personal belongings, stealing food, and playing with plastic springs.


Gracie is an 11-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who enjoys chasing geckos, walking around the pool, eating icy treats (chicken stock frozen into bone shapes), and being the queen of the house. She does NOT like swimming, bath time, or any cute accessories the groomer puts on her. Gracie is deaf so all of her communication with her humans occurs through hand commands (aka doggy sign language). However, if she does not wish to follow the hand commands, she will simply turn her head away so she can’t see the commands. Amber loves that Gracie is always interested in cuddles and sitting at Amber’s feet while she’s working. When Gracie grows up, she wants to study biology so she can learn more about geckos.


Ruby is a 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves running and doing agility. She was invited to compete on ESPN’s Fastest Dogs USA and was the fastest Cavalier, finishing the 100-yard dash in 8.75 seconds. Her fastest speed ever 25.16 mph. She also competed at the CPE Agility Nationals in 2023 and got 3rd place in one of her events. When she’s not competing, she loves being the team captain of her pub trivia team, named Ruby’s Rubies, pretending that she wants to go swimming, and playing with empty toilet paper rolls instead of the toys her parents got for her.


Hello there! This is Obi. Obi is studying ways to effectively wake up his human, Rebecca, for an earlier and earlier breakfast. His favorite past times involve eating his greenies snacks, making a mess of his food and bothering his human for more food. He loves food so much that he has had to have ten teeth pulled before Obi adopted his human. Obi’s hobbies include birdwatching, playing with feathers and strings and showing off his belly while being pet. When he’s bored he likes to take the high ground and jump up onto anything tall enough so he can look about his domain.


Goober is an energetic, smart, and stubborn five-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Goober enjoys swimming, sprinting, destroying toys, and causing chaos in order to be the center of inspiration (from Goober’s perspective) or attention (from Ina’s perspective). Goober requires pets or hugs in exchange for letting Ina read in peace. This is a part of his mental health advocacy centered around affection and play.


Stanley is a two-year-old kitty who has accompanied Safron since his time as the runt of the litter. Although he is still young, he has had a lot of character development since his move to AA. His past “hobbies” (including ripping up furniture and biting feet) have been replaced with more mild feline activities. Leaving his menace behavior behind, Stan now loves to sit in his window to get his daily dose of sunlight where he will chatter at any passing critter. Demanding cuddles at all hours, he has also developed a knack for “making biscuits” on his mom each morning to wake her up.


Ivy is a sweet, grey cat who was adopted by Daisy from the Huron Valley Humane Society. Ivy is named after a connection between her parents’ favorite musicians, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, which is fitting for the queen she is! Her signature move? Striking a pose, which usually consists of a belly-up flop and a tilted head. Ivy’s hobbies include looking out the window, stretching on Daisy’s yoga mat, and playing with her ball toy.

Mahjong, Omo, & Bing Bing

Mahjong and Bing Bing are white ragdoll cats with opposite personalities. Mahjong enjoys running around the house chasing his own shadow.