Group Pets


Cabochon, or Cabo for short, is a willful brown tabby beast masquerading as a cat. Late 2020 she accepted the responsibility of keeping Solaire on task. Cabo keeps a regular routine of waking up before the sun is shining to get in her breakfast and morning workout prior to her morning nap. This is followed by a midday workout, nap, sunbathing, dinner, evening workout, nap, and finally a nighttime prowl to make sure all the tricksey stuffed mice have been properly taken care of. Cabo’s hobbies include hiding in cabinets, chasing her wand, zooming up and down the stairs, and tricking humans into thinking she wants belly rubs. Solaire and Cabo are in a continual stand-off as to if she will become a hiking cat.



Luna, also known as Luna the Black Panther, is a sassy, energetic, and playful black cat. Danielle adopted Luna at three-months-old from the Michigan Humane Society during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a kitty who works from home, Luna has taken on several independent projects including zooming around the office, making a mess of her food, mimicking the sounds of squirrels and birds, and napping throughout her home office space. When she is not pursuing her research interests, Luna cannot be found as she likes to hide in obscure places in the dark. In her spare time, Luna enjoys stealing random items, staring at the toilet, and screaming into the void.



Ulu is a grey tabby cat who was adopted by Danielle and her partner in December 2022. Like any other young cat, Ulu is full of energy and loves two things: playing and eating. Ulu is currently being mentored by her big sister Luna, who is bringing her on as a collaborator for several of her projects. When Ulu and Luna are not collecting or analyzing data, Ulu can be found chasing her sister around their apartment. In her spare time, Ulu enjoys harassing her human staff, stealing snacks, and playing with her balls and mice.



Gracie is a 9-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who enjoys chasing geckos, walking around the pool, eating icy treats (chicken stock frozen into bone shapes), and being the queen of the house. She does NOT like swimming, bath time, or any cute accessories the groomer puts on her. Gracie is deaf so all of her communication with her humans occurs through hand commands (aka doggy sign language). However, if she does not wish to follow the hand commands, she will simply turn her head away so she can’t see the commands. Amber loves that Gracie is always interested in cuddles and sitting at Amber’s feet while she’s working. When Gracie grows up, she wants to study biology so she can learn more about geckos.



Ruby is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was born on June 26, 2020. She loves spinning around in circles, running so fast that her humans can’t keep up, and snuggling with her humans and her Fozzie Bear. She also enjoys going to the Farmer’s Market, where she can meet lots of friends and get special treats like chicken and woofles! She is still trying to get on the good side of her big sister Gracie. When Ruby grows up, she wants to be either a fashion model or an athlete, or both. Ruby is the second fastest female cavalier in the country and can run 21.51 mph.



Hello there! This is Obi. Obi is studying ways to effectively wake up his human, Rebecca, for an earlier and earlier breakfast. His favorite past times involve eating his greenies snacks, making a mess of his food and bothering his human for more food. He loves food so much that he has had to have ten teeth pulled before Obi adopted his human. Obi’s hobbies include birdwatching, playing with feathers and strings and showing off his belly while being pet. When he’s bored he likes to take the high ground and jump up onto anything tall enough so he can look about his domain.



Goober is an energetic, smart, and stubborn one-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Goober enjoys swimming, sprinting, destroying toys, and causing chaos in order to be the center of inspiration (from Goober’s perspective) or attention (from Ina’s perspective). Goober requires pets or hugs in exchange for letting Ina read in peace. This is a part of his mental health advocacy centered around affection and play.



Stanley is a two-year-old kitty who has accompanied Safron since his time as the runt of the litter. Although he is still young, he has had a lot of character development since his move to AA. His past “hobbies” (including ripping up furniture and biting feet) have been replaced with more mild feline activities. Leaving his menace behavior behind, Stan now loves to sit in his window to get his daily dose of sunlight where he will chatter at any passing critter. Demanding cuddles at all hours, he has also developed a knack for “making biscuits” on his mom each morning to wake her up.




Nib is a delicate senior lady.  She grooms herself meticulously because she always wants to look her best in case Ginger takes her picture for Nib’s Instagram “oneeyednib”. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and banana bread and even she has a hard time eating them in a ladylike manner.  Nib lost her right eye during a scuffle with another dog and she developed  cataracts in her remaining eye.  Despite being completely blind she navigates easily around the house and uses little stairs to return to her favorite napping spot on the couch.


“Gordo” was adopted from the Humane Society when he was 1.5 years old.  He had a lot of fears when he came to live with Ginger, but has become much more secure over time.  He is now only afraid of thunder and lightning, fireworks, strangers, being in the yard by himself, and random objects pointed in his direction. He is afraid of phones and cameras so doesn’t often appear on his sister Nib’s Instagram.  Although he is getting older he is still really energetic and puppy like.  He is an excellent problem solver, working his way around most barriers and is also known as “Houndini”.


Another alumna of the Humane Society of Huron Valley, Lucy has been gracing Eleni with her presence and howls daily for the past three years. Lucy is a confident and independent coonhound mix whose talents include winning every staring contest with every squirrel in her general vicinity, spotting every bunny and cat in the neighborhood, and constructing the comfiest spots to take naps. Lucy loves to chase any animal (squirrels, bunnies, deer, etc.) at top speed with her ears flapping in the wind (this is when she is most beautiful), and while she is typically the fastest dog at the dog park, she will (sometimes) stop in her tracks for some peanut butter or back scratches.


Minerva is a sophisticated, playful, and affectionate one-year-old tabby cat. Danielle adopted Minerva from the Humane Society of Macomb within her first week of graduate school, and they have been best friends ever since. As the alpha cat, she is the natural leader of the household. Like her namesake, Minerva is not afraid of speaking her mind, especially when demanding attention or playtime with her favorite toy, a pink flamingo on a string. When Minerva is not playing with her sister, Luna, she can be found napping in various boxes, birdwatching from the windowsill, or snacking on salmon flavored wet food. Minerva has mastered the skills of playing fetch and interrupting Zoom meetings, though she is working on overcoming her fear of the outside world.

Lindy & Otto

Lindy and Otto came to us from Texas rescues that transport dogs up to the Pacific Northwest. Although they joined the Young/Hosbein family a year apart, they are no doubt a bonded pair. Lindy is a three-year-old Husky mix who vocalizes her requests for attention and cuddles, especially if she sees her brother Otto getting some pets. Her favorite things include sticking her head out of a car window, munching on broccoli stems, and herding Otto. Otto is a two-year-old Great Pyrenees/Chow mix who loves chewing on anything made of paper, cotton, or plastic, so essentially anything! Although he needs more supervision than his other furry brothers and sisters, he is a loveable goofball who shows his affection through play and sometimes a gentle headbutt. His favorite things include barking at strange dogs, howling with Lindy, and morning belly rubs.


Mia is a nine-year-old rescue who was adopted with Me-Mow as a kitten by Katy. She is the ruler of the Young/Hosbein household. She would probably prefer to be the only animal in the house but puts up with her furry brothers and sister by chasing them when they’re in her personal space. When her dog siblings aren’t around, she can be found on the nearest lap. Her favorite things are sunbathing, chattering at birds, and eating her kibble.


Me-Mow is a nine-year-old rescue who was adopted with Mia as a kitten by Katy. Me-Mow was diagnosed with epilepsy at four but despite the unfortunate symptoms of his condition, he is a happy and cuddly kitty. While siblings aren’t supposed to have a favorite, it’s pretty obvious that Me-Mow is partial to his dog sister Lindy. He loves rubbing his face on hers and chasing her around the upstairs. His favorite things consist of begging for human food, giving hugs, and pacing around the house with his dad.

Budders, aka Miss Lady B

Budders is a magnificent, smokey grey cat and an alumnus of the Huron Valley Humane Society. She is working on projects in Field’s apartment such as napping on the couch, napping on the bed, napping upstairs, napping downstairs, napping on the stairs, bathing in the sunlight upstairs, bathing in the sunlight downstairs, eating wet food, disdainfully eating dry food, demanding pets, and practicing her screech. She loves to nap, sunbathe, eat wet food, and garner attention. We love all of these unique things about Budders. Her outreach involves being a walking work of art and sometimes tolerating being ruffled by humans. Outside of work and outreach, she also enjoys napping and sunbathing in Solaire’s house.