Dinner with Visitors

This week we had a great dinner with visitors Alison Flynn from the University of Ottowa, Debbie Harrington from Grand Valley State University, Ryan Sweeder and Ashling Flaherty from Michigan State University, Juniar Lucien from the physics department, and Ginger and Jeff. Thank you all for visiting!

Farewell to Josh!

We celebrated Josh’s year in the Shutlz group with a waffle breakfast and a coffee tasting with Roo’s Roast, Starbucks, Gevalia, and instant coffee. Josh’s guess was 100% correct! Josh completed his Masters in Chemistry this year and will be returning to his teaching career. Best of luck to you, Josh!


Bicentennial Conference on Chemistry Education

Our group was well-represented at the BCCE 2018 conference at the University of Notre Dame. Check out the pictures below!

Group members celebrating Aloha Wednesday (left) and Jordan presenting his research on organic chemistry lab polyCURE curriculum (right).

Jeff presenting his research on case studies of science faculty interactions with mentor/pre-service teachers (left) and Solaire presenting her research on a thermodynamics WTL assignment in a physical chemistry course (right).

Thanks for a great conference!