Best Practices

Texting Implementation Guide

NEW! If you’re thinking about starting a texting program to your students, read this first.

How To Social Media

Uncover the platform-agnostic secrets to making social media work for your department: hashtags, reporting, editorial considerations.

So Many Socials

If you don’t see the social media platform you’re looking for below, use this link to familiarize yourself with emerging (and expiring) platforms like Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Yik Yak, et al.

Facebook Best Practices

How to navigate the world’s largest social network.

Twitter Best Practices

We have so much to say about this real-time social platform and only 140 char…(see what we did there?)

YouTube Dissuasion

Are you looking for engagement or just a place to store your lectures? We can help.

LinkedIn Decision Guide

LinkedIn is a little bit of a moving target when it comes to developing a strategy to meet your goals.