About Us

Students learning collaboratively in a laboratory course.

We are small, inclusive non-residential communities of students, staff, and faculty from LSA and Engineering that foster a sense of belonging and academic success in the first-year of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors.

Students who participate in similar non-residential communities at other institutions tend to earn higher GPAs and report greater satisfaction with their college experience.

In this one-semester STEM success program, you will:

  • Join a small community of peers who are committed to helping each other succeed in the first year of STEM majors
  • Enroll with your community in the lecture, discussion, and laboratory sections of a core introductory STEM course
  • Improve your test scores and confidence through study groups with your community
  • Develop friendships with other STEM students
  • Navigate your first year with the help of dedicated faculty and academic coaches
  • Participate in a fun, one-credit hour seminar with your community to develop meaningful connections with faculty mentors and tools for academic success