Fast Food For Thought (Oct 27)

The 2nd annual “Fast Food for Thought” will bring together 10 interdisciplinary faculty members from across campus to give a series of fast-paced talks (5 minutes each) related to food and/or agriculture. Speaker information below and on our facebook page



  • Alicia Alvarez (Law) “Legal Support for an Equitable Food System”
  • Catherine Badgley (EEB) “Feeding the world with sustainable agriculture”
  • Margot Finn (LSA) “Who Eats Fast Food? Social Class & Stigma in the Sustainable Food Movement”
  • Joe Trumpey (Art & Design) “Homesteading as Creative Practice”
  • Sara Soderstrom (PitE, Org Studies) “Food, Entrepreneurship, and Social Change” 
  • Dorceta Taylor (SNRE) Food as a Means of Political Control”
  • John Vandermeer (EEB) “A new plan for the revolution in agriculture: in 5 minutes”
  • Tom Princen (SNRE) “Why food? Why now?”
  • Gina Baucom (EEB) “Herbicide resistance in weedy plants: current status and future prospects

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Department of Nutritional Sciences, Graham Sustainability Institute, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Program in the Environment, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Law School