“Gambling, Binge-Eating and Other Addictive Behaviors”
Tuesday, April 25th
Dr. Marc Potenza
4448 East Hall

Dr. Potenza is a Professor of Psychiatry, Child Study, and Neuroscience at Yale University School of Medicine

Historically, the boundaries of addiction have been debated from both qualitative and quantitive perspectives.  Over the past two decades, there have been substantial changes in how non-drug behaviors are viewed within an addiction framework, in significant part driven by improved understandings of biological underpinnings of clinical phenomena.  This presentation will review the data underlying reconceptualization of addiction and reclassification of non-substance addicitve conditions with substance-use disorders, describing approaches used in generating DSM-5 and ongoing work relating to ICD-11.  The presentation will cover a broad range of addictive behaviors (gambling, Internet use, food/eating, and sex), and highlight areas in which improved understanding of pathophysiology may lead to advances in treatment, prevention and policy.