The 4th annual “Fast Food for Thought” will bring together 10 interdisciplinary faculty members from across campus to give a series of fast-paced talks (5 minutes each) related to food and/or agriculture. Speaker information below and delicious reception to follow.

2017 Speakers:

  • Jake Allgeier, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    “Fish Pee: An Asset for Improving Coastal Food Sustainability?”
  • Alicia Cohen, Department of Family Medicine
    “Food As Medicine: Increasing Access to Fruits and Vegetables in Low-Income Communities”
  • Ashley Gearheardt, Psychology
    “Can Food be Addictive?”
  • Mary Carol Hunter, School for Environment and Sustainability
    “Cultivating Aesthetics to Fertilize Urban Farming”
  • Mark Hunter, School for Environment and Sustainability & Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    “Monarch Butterflies, Herbicides, and our Food System”
  • Greg Keoleian, School for Environment and Sustainability, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    “Counting Calories and Carbon Emissions of your Diet”
  • Steven Mankouche, Architecture
    “Afterhouse Afterthoughts: Learning from Transforming the Foundations of a Derelict Home into a Semi-subterranean Passive Solar Greenhouse”
  • Karen Peterson, School of Public Health
    “Is Healthy Food Bad for Me?”
  • Will Tarpeh,Civil and Environmental Engineering
    “Pee-cycling: Creating Sustainable Fertilizer from Urine”
  • John Vandermeer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    “The Agriculture Climate Change Connection”

With introductions from Catherine Badgley (EEB), Lilly Fink Shapiro (SEAS), Mariah Van Ermen (Policy), Alison Miller (SPH), Meha Jain (SEAS), Mark Wilson (EEB and SPH), Andrew Jones (SPH), Jennifer Blesh (SNRE), Lesli Hoey (UP), Monica Dus (MCDB), Maren Spolum (SEAS), Julia Wolfson (SPH), Ivette Perfecto (SEAS)

Reception by Chef Chris Chiapelli

This interdisciplinary event is made possible by our generous sponsors:
School for Environment and Sustainability, Department of Psychology, Residential College, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Taubman College, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Department of Family Medicine, Civil and Environmental Engineering