Detroit Urban Ag Internships for UM Students – Summer 2020

The University of Michigan Sustainable Food Systems Initiative (SFSI) and Campus Farm are collaborating with the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network and Oakland Ave. Urban Farm to offer paid summer internships for UM students during the summer of 2020.
To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Lilly Fink Shapiro ( by March 9, 2020
Internship Description

Interns will work at the farms in Detroit 4 days a week and will be based at the UM Campus Farm at Matthaei Botanical Gardens 1 day a week.  Interns will be involved with a variety of tasks necessary for the progress, maintenance and growth of the farms, including but not limited to: hoop house and field production, irrigating crops, harvesting and preparation of crops for markets, maintaining farm landscaping, feeding Oakland Avenue Farm’s chickens, collecting the eggs, and cleaning the coop, conducting inventory of machinery, equipment and tools, implementing animal and insect control measures, and maintaining records on planting, soil amendments, crop or soil diseases, and crop yields.

Caroline Hall and Carly Sharp, 2019 interns at D-Town Farm and Oakland Ave. Farm
D-Town Farm Details
The work at D-Town Farm is guided by a value system that affirms the need for a equitable, racially just food system.  Interns will be expected to interrogate their own values and assumptions as they participate in this transformative process. Interns will work with D-Town farm staff, under the supervision of DBCFSN’s executive director,  Malik Yakini. D-Town Farm is located at 14027 W. Outer Drive in Detroit.
Oakland Ave Farm Details

Oakland Avenue Urban Farm is an inclusive environment where we treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race. We are a campus where everyone is welcomed.  Interns will work with Oakland Ave Farm staff under the supervision of Oakland Ave Farm Manager, Billy Hebron, providing a variety of tasks necessary for the advancement of goals of the farm.  Oakland Ave Farm is located in Detroit’s North End at 9227 Goodwin St.

Campus Farm Details
The University of Michigan Campus Farm at Matthaei Botanical Gardens is a living, learning laboratory. As much laboratory as classroom, the Campus Farm provides leadership development, education, and research opportunities in ways students might never have experienced before and contributes to authentic and impactful teaching and learning. Such hands-on experience provides invaluable lessons related to sustainable food production for students from a wide range of disciplines who—even if they don’t go on to be farmers—will play a role in food systems issues ranging from public health, the environment and our economies, in their future careers.

Teal Harrison, 2018 intern at D-Town Farm