Christopher Gardner | “Stealth Nutrition”

March 19, 2019

Most people have plenty of room for improvement in the healthfulness of what they choose to eat and drink. The food industry has proven to be resourceful and clever in marketing a never-ending line of tasty, convenient and inexpensive products that tend to be unhealthy choices. Is the problem that people are confused about what is or isn’t healthy? Do we need more studies and more evidence about the health benefits of vegetables, legumes/beans, nuts & seeds, fruits and whole intact grains? Probably not. But what we could use is more studies about motivating people to make better choices. Bring on Stealth Nutrition. This doesn’t refer to being deceptive, but rather to finding alternative, non-health strategies for promoting healthful habits. Consider the links between food and animal rights & welfare, climate change, or human labor abuses (e.g., slaughterhouses, fast food workers, or agricultural workers. Think about this as the culinarians involved with Menus of Change are – leading with unapologetic deliciousness (while having human health and environmental sustainability in your back pocket). Christopher Gardner, nutrition scientist at Stanford University, will use an engaging blend of humor and science to elaborate on his vision of Stealth Nutrition as an approach to making substantive improvements in human and environmental health through better food choices.