6th Annual “Fast Food for Thought”

The 6th annual “Fast Food for Thought” will once again bring together 10 interdisciplinary faculty members from across campus to give a series of fast-paced talks (5 minutes each) related to food and/or agriculture. Speaker information below and a delicious reception to follow. RSVP here on facebook.

Tuesday, October 1 | 5:30 PM
Dana Building | Room 1040
440 Church St., Ann Arbor
FREE and open to the public

This event is presented by the UM Sustainable Food Systems Initiative (SFSI) in collaboration with our generous sponsors: 
School for Environment and Sustainability, Program in the Environment, the School of Public Health’s Department of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Environmental Health Sciences, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Zingerman’s.

2019 Speakers

  • Brendan O’Neill, School for Environment and Sustainability
    What do Soil Microbes have to do with Sustainable Food?
  • Kate Bauer, School of Public Health
    Childhood Obesity: The Blame Game
  • Marty Heller, School for Environment and Sustainability
    Beyond the Headlines: Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Our Diets
  • Cindy Leung, School of Public Health
    Warning: Soda is the New Tobacco
  • Shelie Miller, School for Environment and Sustainability
    Can Meal Kit Services Actually be Green?
  • Tim Lorek, Latin American and Carribean Studies
    Looking for Utopia: Agriculture for Peace in Colombia
  • Miranda Brown, Asian Languages and Cultures
    Are Asians Lactose Intolerant? Traditional Chinese Medicine Says Otherwise.
  • Katerina Stylianou, School of Public Health
    Should we all Become Vegan?
  • John Vandermeer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    The Hurricanes of Puerto Rico
With introductions from Catherine Badgley (LSA), Lilly Fink Shapiro (SEAS), Laurie Lachance (SPH), Jessica Kenyatta Walker (American Culture), Ivette Perfecto (SEAS), Kris Harrison (Communication Studies), Lesli Hoey (Urban Planning), Andrew Jones (SPH), and Meha Jain (SEAS)


Check out videos from previous years here!