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Students learn about urban agriculture in Havana, Cuba
Students visit "Feedem Freedom" in Detroit
Interviewing farmers in San Julian, Bolivia
Professor Catherine Badgley at a produce stand in Havana, Cuba
Professor Ivette Perfecto studies coffee plants
Farmer and agroecologist Fernando Funes explains his plans to create a biodigester
Students visit Lesser farm (Dexter, Michigan)
Students visit Tantre Farm (Chelsea, Michigan)
Farmer Dale Lesser talks to a class, "Intro to Food Systems" about his apple orchards
Professor Ivette Perfecto, Urban farmer Myrtle Thomson Curtis, and Cuban Agroecologist Fernando Funes a Feedem Freedom in Detroit
Students visit Harvesting Earth Educational Farm (Beecher, MI)
Professor Jennifer Blesh and the foundations of sustainable food systems class at the UM campus farm (Oct, 2014)
SFS faculty at the UM student farm
Wes Jackson cyberly visits the "foundations of sustainable food systems" class (Oct 2014)

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Chef Kabui spoke on the impact of colonialism on the Kenyan and American food systems. He responded to a few provocative questions including "What is the most powerful food, good and bad?". Kabui responded "A powerfully bad food is sugar, which has caused people to be enslaved and indigenous cultures to be destroyed. Powerful food is good food you can grow, to fuel your body and build culture." ...

"It's not a food desert, it's a power desert" -Chef Kabui last night in Detroit ...

TONIGHT IN DETROIT! Chef Kabui talks about Colonialism and Food -- 6:30pm at the UM Detroit Center. ...

Chef Kabui will speak in tonight's Food Literacy for All course. Join us to hear about race in the food movement. #foodliteracyforall ...