622 students2 622 garden 622 sunflowers 622 students 622 prof badgley 622 lettuce 622 lecture 622 learning coffee 622 dog 622 farm2 622 farm 622 farm talk Feedem Freedom IMG_2535 SFS_hoop_house IMG_2829 IMG_2909 IMG_3635
Students learn about urban agriculture in Havana, Cuba
Students visit "Feedem Freedom" in Detroit
Interviewing farmers in San Julian, Bolivia
Professor Catherine Badgley at a produce stand in Havana, Cuba
Professor Ivette Perfecto studies coffee plants
Farmer and agroecologist Fernando Funes explains his plans to create a biodigester
Students visit Lesser farm (Dexter, Michigan)
Students visit Tantre Farm (Chelsea, Michigan)
Farmer Dale Lesser talks to a class, "Intro to Food Systems" about his apple orchards
Professor Ivette Perfecto, Urban farmer Myrtle Thomson Curtis, and Cuban Agroecologist Fernando Funes a Feedem Freedom in Detroit
Students visit Harvesting Earth Educational Farm (Beecher, MI)
Professor Jennifer Blesh and the foundations of sustainable food systems class at the UM campus farm (Oct, 2014)
SFS faculty at the UM student farm
Wes Jackson cyberly visits the "foundations of sustainable food systems" class (Oct 2014)

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Join Virginia Murphy and Alex Bryan for a Spring experiential mini course "Corn in East Quad!" Experience the excitement of planning your own garden with hands-on training and education steeped in the annual tradition of vegetable production. From crop planning to season extension, what are the basics of growing your own food, and how can this patient and reflective approach inform our own mechanisms for growth? ...

New course next semester!

"Sushi, now served at Midwestern supermarkets and university cafeterias, reveals the transformation of an ancient Japanese dish into a global phenomenon. This course takes familiar Japanese dishes like sushi and ramen as starting points to ask how food accrues or sheds national characteristics in an age of globalization. To learn the origin of sushi and ramen, the class traces the evolution of the diet in the context of the development of Japanese civilization. Drawing on the methodology of food studies, course assignments include short research papers on Japanese foodstuffs; analyses of primary sources from statistics to comic books to movies; and short essays drawing from participant observation of Japanese foods now available locally."

See you tomorrow evening at Disability Justice for Detroit Farms and Gardens! ...

Disability Justice for Detroit Farms and Gardens

November 16, 2017, 6:30pm - November 16, 2017, 7:30pm

Join us for an open panel discussion about the WHYS, and HOWS, of Detroit farms and gardens becoming more INCLUSIVE and ACCESSIBLE for ALL. Light food and fellowship. Sponsored by Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, Detroit Food Policy Council and University of Michigan Sustainable Food Systems Initiative.

It's hard to keep up with all of the exciting food systems courses across campus! Here are a few highlights offered next semester: ...