Hakem Al-Rustom

Affiliations: History / Anthropology / Armenian Studies Program

Theoretical Interests: Postcolonial Theory / Critical Theory / Settler Colonialism / Liberation Theology.

Engaging with: Walter Benjamin, Edward Said, Frantz Fanon

Teaches: History 430/594 and Anthropology 430: “History, Memory, and Silence: (Hi)Storytelling with Walter Benjamin”.


Clement Hawes

Affiliations: English Language and Literature / History

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Postcolonial Theory / Critical Race Theory / Critical Geography / Gender & Sexuality / Literary Theory / Marxism

Engaging with: Eric L. Santner; Said; Appiah; Nabil Matar; E.P. Thompson; Gramsci; C. Hill; Stuart Hall; Benjamin; Adorno; Bloch; Habermas; N. Fraser; R. Williams; J. G. A. Pocock. Generally, I am engaging with the oeuvre of Jonathan Swift, a great and very early critic of British colonialism; most recent monograph The British Eighteenth Century and Global Critique.

Teaches: English 540 Empire and Its Discontents: The Literature of the British Eighteenth Century.


Arvind-Pal Mandair

Affiliations: Asian Languages and Cultures.

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Postcolonial Theory / Critical Race Theory / Liberation Theology / Queer Theory / Subaltern Studies / Postsecular Theory / Critical Religion Studies / Translation / Global Philosophies.

Engaging With: Deleuze, Nancy, Derrida, Bergson, Heidegger, Hegel, Esposito, Mignolo, Benjamin, Schelling.


  • Asian 601: Critical Theory and Asia
  • Asian 550: Critical Approaches to Asian Studies 1
  • Asian 334: Race, Religion and Caste in the US and India
  • Asian 303: War Machines
  • Asian 305: Religion and Violence in a Secular World
  • Asian 400: Indian Religions and Western Thought


Kate Jenckes

Affiliations: Romance Languages and Literatures / Comparative Literature.

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Gender and Sexuality / Literary Theory / Deconstruction

Engaging with: Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida, Alberto Moreiras, Patrick Dove, Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Bolaño, Juan Gelman, Cesar Vallejo; Chilean political-aesthetic theory: Willy Thayer, Federico Galende, Elizabeth Collingwood-Selby, Nelly Richard, Pablo Oyarzún


  • Spanish 855: Thinking the Visual; Ideology, Aesthetics, and the Human: Theory and Literature in/and Latin America
  • Spanish 870, Thinking With Borges
  • Spanish 475, Roberto Bolaño: At the Intersection of Life, History, and Literature


Matthew Noble-Olson

Affiliations: Film, Television, and Media.

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Critical Media Studies / Marxism.

Film theory, experimental film and media, history and theory of capitalism, media aesthetics, art and cinema.

Engaging with: Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Julia Kristeva, Roland Barthes.


  • FTVM 272: Classical Film Theory


Mrinalini Sinha

Affiliations: History / English Language and Literature / Women’s Studies / Center for South Asian Studies.

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Postcolonial Theory / Feminism / Marxism

Engaging with: M K Gandhi; Romain Rolland; Antonio Gramsci; Walter Benjamin; Ernst Bloch


  • Hist 425: Ideas of Equality: India’s 20th Century
  • Hist 615: Introduction to the Practice of History
  • Hist 240: Modern World History: The Making of the Modern World
  • Hist 396: Gandhi, King, and Non-Violent Change
  • Hist 496: Revolutionary Non-Violence: A Global History
  • Hist 678/Asian 580/Eng 630: Modern South Asia


Scott Stonington

Affiliations: Anthropology / International Studies / Medicine

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Postcolonial Theory / Feminism / Literary Theory / Critical Medical Epistemologies.


  • ANTHCUL 548: Medical Anthropology Theory
  • ANTHCUL 341: Globalization of Biomedicine
  • INTLSTD 301: Concepts in Global Health


Sergio Villalobos Ruminott

Affiliations: Department of Romance Languages, Spanish.

Theoretical Interests: Critical Theory / Postcolonial Theory / Critical Race Theory / Feminism / Literary Theory / Marxism / Settler Colonialism / Indigenous Studies / Subaltern Studies / Latin American Marxism / Political Economy

Engaging with: Walter Mignolo (The Darker Side of Modernity), Frantz Fanon, Fred Moten (The Undercommons), Edward Said, Jacques Derrida.


  • Spanish 439: Latin American Populism, Marxism and Inigenismo through the 20th Century
  • Spanish 881: Reviews theoretical and cultural debates within Latin American and Hispanic Studies: Post-colonialism, Subalternism, Post-marxism, Post-hegemony