113. Occupation of local hospital. Snihurivka (Mykolaiv)

113. Occupation of local hospital

Snihurivka (Mykolaiv)

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“Let Retribution Come Soon”

LOCATION: Snihurivka (Mykolaiv)

DATE: March – October 2022


SUMMARY: Detailed evidence of the six-month occupation of the city of Snihurivka, Mykolaiv Region. As a senior hospital employee, the Witness provided assistance to victims of the occupiers’ crimes. She testifies about efforts to subordinate the medical institution to the occupation administration; brutal beatings; torture, at least one fatal; rape; long-term forced detention; and abuse. As a resident of the city, the Witness describes pressure and repression of the local population.


The witness was a woman in her 50s who worked in Snihurivka Hospital before and after the occupation.


The witness describes many victims brought to the hospital during the occupation.


as described by the Witness(es)

The Witness did not provide specific personal information about the Russian soldiers, but she said that they belonged to different units and were of various ethnicities. While communicating with the hospital staff, the soldiers mostly avoided talking about their origin. The Witness also shared some information about three purported collaborators.