55. Shelling of shopping mall. Kremenchuk (Poltava)

55. Shelling of shopping mall

Kremenchuk (Poltava)

Featured in Vanity Fair via The Reckoning Project:

“Russia Attacked a Ukrainian Shopping Mall With a Missile. The War Hasn’t Been the Same Since.”

LOCATION: Kremenchuk (Poltava)

DATE: June 27, 2022


SUMMARY: On the afternoon of June 27, 2022, the “Amstor” shopping center in the city of Kremenchuk was hit with several missiles. Over 20 civilians were killed in the strike.


The witnesses of the incident were male and female civilians and residents of Kremenchuk. They included an employee of the mall, a doctor, and relatives of people who were in the mall.


The victims of the incident included over 20 male and female civilians who were killed at the shopping center by the missile strike. The witness who worked at the mall was severely injured alongside many other civilians. One victim is still missing and presumed dead.


The perpetrators of the incident were members of the Russian military who launched the missiles from the airspace of Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation.