74. Mass basement captivity. Yahidne (Chernihiv)

74. Mass basement captivity

Yahidne (Chernihiv)

Featured in Time via The Reckoning Project:

“Inside the Basement Where an Entire Ukrainian Village Spent a Harrowing Month in Captivity”

The school where the people were held captive. Credit: Andrii Bashtovyi (Twitter: @nomoreanry)

LOCATION: Yahidne, Chernihiv

DATE: February-March 2022


SUMMARY: Nearly 370 civilians—including infants, children, and seniors—spent an entire month in captivity in the basement of a school in Yahidne, Chernihiv. Russian troops set up a military compound on the top floors of the school. Poor conditions under captivity resulted in the death of over a dozen civilians. A few other men in nearby villages were also killed.


The witnesses of the incident were male and female civilians who were from Yahidne and Slavutych. This included retirees, village council members, school employees, and an agronomist.


367 people, including children, infants, and seniors, who were forcibly held in the basement of a school in the village of Yahidne (the Russian military used the school as their headquarters). 10 people died in the basement due to the conditions they were kept in. The names of the deceased victims were scribbled on the basement walls by other detainees.


(as described by the Witnesses)

The perpetrators, as described by the witnesses, were members of the Russian military who varied in rank and were aged between early 30s to mid 40s. The soldiers appeared to be Slavic and Asian. They arrived in vehicles marked with an “O.”

The basement. Credit: Andrii Bashtovyi (Twitter: @nomoreanry)

VIDEO: This video shot in Yahidne several days after the Russian military left shows conditions in the basement