A collection of instructive reports, books, and films from the field released and published by activists, philanthropic organizations, advocacy and policy groups, and media outlets. 


A Way Out: Creating Partners for Our Nation’s Prosperity by Expanding Life Paths of Young Men of Color (Dellums Commission, 2006)

Breaking Barriers: Plotting the Path to Academic Success for School-Age African-American Males (Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, 2008)

Community Returns: Investing in Black Men and Boys (Twenty-First Century Foundation, 2005)

Momentum: Sustaining Efforts to Improve Life Outcomes among African-American Males (Frontline Solutions/Ford Foundation, 2008)

Public Education and Black Male Students (The Schott Foundation for Public Education, 2005)

Stepping Up, Stepping Out (Association for Black Foundation Executives, 2008)

Why We Can’t Wait – A Case for Philanthropic Action: Opportunities for Improving Life Outcomes of African American Males (Frontline Solutions/Ford Foundation, 2007)


Anderson, E., ed. 2008. Against the Wall: Poor, Young, Black, and Male (2008)

Merida, Kevin. Being a Black Man: At the Corner of Progress and Peril (2007)

Mincy, Ronald. Black Males Left Behind (2006)


Beyond the Bricks (Washington Koen Media, funded by Ford Foundation, 2009)

Bring Your “A” Game (Mario Van Peebles/Karen Williams/Twenty-First Century Foundation, 2009)

Fair Game (Mario Van Peebles/Karen Williams/Twenty-First Century Foundation, 2009)

Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes (Byron Hurt)


The State of Black America (an annual report published by the National Urban League)

Being a Black Man (Washington Post interactive website)

2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys (an online community seeded by Twenty-First Century Foundation)

Think Tank for African American Progress

Metropolitan Center for Urban Education