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We created a free learning module!

Current and former lab members created a free learning module about facial recognition. All the materials are available at this link.

Our learning module includes a powerpoint with a script to present the material, a modified version of Guess Who to introduce the students to facial recognition, and instructions about how the module should run. Please reach out to someone in the lab if you have any questions!

Wasp on a leaf
Wasp on a nest

Other Animal Behavior Labs at Michigan

Jacinta Beehner (Gelada monkeys)
Thore Bergman (Gelada monkeys)
L. Lacey Knowles (Orthopterans)
John Mitani (Chimpanzees)
Ben Dantzer (Small mammals)

Relevant Scientific Journals

American Naturalist

Animal Behaviour


Behavioral Ecology

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology


Insectes Sociaux

Trends in Ecology and Evolution

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