Weisskopf-WebFor background information about my career, see my biographical sketch.  Further details bout my life and career are provided in the following autobiographical statement,and in my Curriculum Vitae.

Here is a video interview that I gave in late 2015, describing my career in the context of my long-term participation in the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE).

For a personal retrospective view of my work as a radical political economist, see my presentation to a Festschrift Conference in 2011.

For an informal personal account of the development of radical political economics in the U.S., see the following talk on “The Origin and Evolution of Radical Political Economics”(9/25/12). For a more formal and detailed set of reflections on this topic, see my “Reflections on 50 Years of Radical Political Economy” (published in the Review of Radical Political Economics, Fall 2014).

And here is some information about my book, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN THE UNITED STATES AND INDIA: A Comparative Perspective (2004), and my notes for a lecture based upon the book.

You can access other work of mine — publications, talks, reports, etc., photography, and course syllabi — by clicking on the relevant button under the line near the top of this page.