Contexts for Classics Translation Contest Winners


Undergraduate Prize:

  • Shannon Burton, Classical Archaeology major – Odyssey Book 5, lines 116-144 by Homer

Graduate Student Prizes:

  • Anna Cornel, Classical Studies PhD student – BION, Fragments, #13
  • Lisa Levin, Comparative Literature PhD student – Sappho, Fragment 16
  • Robert Santucci, Classical Studies PhD student – Sulpicia 2 (Corpus Tibullianum 3.14)
  • Megan Wilson, Classical Studies PhD student – Electra in Denmark (Sophocles, Electra 254-309)


Undergraduate Prizes:

  • Liliana Talwatte for her translation from Greek of The Frogs (lines 952-1044 and 1364-1398) by Aristophanes
  • Ashley Tomaszewski for her translation from modern Greek of poems from Gloria in Excelsis by Haris Psarras
  • Molly Schaub for her translation from Greek, Sappic in C Major (A Musical Translation of Select Fragments of Sappho)

Graduate Student Prizes:

  • Amy Barker for her translation from Latin of De Consolatione Philosophiae 1.6-Metron 7 by Boethius
  • Maxwell Lykins for his translation from Latin of Heroides 5.7-38 by Ovid


Undergraduate Prizes:

  • Michael Demetriou (History and International Studies; Minor in Modern Greek)
    “Antigone” (translation of modern Greek poem by Tasoula Karageoriou)
  • William “Billy” Fuerst (Political Science and Modern Greek)
    “The Fourteen Children” (translation of modern Greek poem Tasoula Karageorgiou)
  • Anna Haritos (Modern Greek, BCN)
    “Do not send me mother to America” (translation of modern Greek story by Anna Siganou)

Graduate Prizes:

  • Amy Pistone (Classical Studies)
    Euripides, “Electra” (translation of lines 1011-1051)
  • Megan Wilson (Classical Studies)
    Sophocles, “Electra” (translation of lines 472-515)