Grad Student Translation Workshop

The Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop in Literary Translation

A community of graduate student translators at the University of Michigan

We approach translation as scholarly and creative discourses, and we work together to develop the translated texts that are at the core of our dissertations and other academic projects.

Hosted by the Department of Comparative Literature, the RIW in Literary Translation is currently coordinated by Meg Berkobien, Yael Kenan, and Peter Vorissis and facilitated by Christi Merrill, a literary translator and Associate Professor in the Departments of Asian Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature. The idea for this Workshop was inspired by the fact that, although we work with materials from different periods and continents, we would benefit from the ability to discuss practical and theoretical issues raised by translating literary texts with our peers on a regular basis.

Members choose one meeting to present their work and to receive feedback. We meet once a month for workshop and have a handful of other events throughout the year.  During the 2015-2016 school year, we were lucky enough to host a special session with author, translator, and publisher Matvei Yenkelevich. In addition to our events, we are collaborating with Wolverine Press to publish a special letter-press anthology of our work called Polyphonia.

Our 2019-2020 core members are:

  • Meg Berkobien (Catalan, Galician, Spanish)
  • Jamie Clegg (Arabic)
  • Lis Fertig (German)
  • Shalmali Jadhav (Urdu, German)
  • Yael Kenan (Hebrew)
  • David Martin (Russian, Spanish)
  • Genta Nishku (Italian, Albanian)
  • Peter Vorissis (French, Greek)
  • Jason Wagner (Russian, Yiddish)
  • Marina Mayorski (Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese)
  • Júlia Irion Martins (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Luiza Duarte Caetano (Portuguese, French)
  • Dylan Ogden (Russian, Chinese)
  • Amanda Kubic (Greek, Ancient and Modern)
  • Ivan Parra Garcia (Spanish)
  • Olan Munson (Korean, Spanish)

Please email Meg Berkobien for more information.

See our upcoming meetings on the event page!