Undergraduate Minor in Translation Studies


The Minor is open to undergraduates across all departments. It has no prerequisites and is easy to integrate into different programs of study, including student internships and study abroad.

A minimum of 15 credits of courses, with at least one course in Comparative Literature and a minimum of 12 credits in upper-level courses. Coursework must be approved by the Translation Studies Adviser, according to the following plan:

  • 3 credits: either COMPLIT 200: Translation Across Disciplines or COMPLIT 322: Translating World Literatures.
  • 3 credits: an upper-level course (taught at the University of Michigan or taken for credit during Study Abroad) that develops skills in a language or medium that the student will use for the capstone translation project.
  • 6 credits: two upper-level courses with a central component on translation (taught at the University of Michigan, or taken for credit during Study Abroad).
  • 3 credits: a capstone project or internship in translation, completed either while taking COMPLIT 495: Senior Seminar (offered every fall) or as a 3-credit Independent Study (with prior approval).


Students interested in pursuing the minor should first make an appointment to meet with the Translation Studies Advisor. During their first meeting, the student and the Translation Studies Advisor will devise a plan to satisfy the requirements. The student will submit the planning form at the time of declaring the minor. Any changes to the plan must be approved by the Translation Studies Advisor, who will provide ongoing advising regarding course selection and planning for the capstone project.

To schedule an advising appointment, send an email to complit.info@umich.edu that includes your availability and the purpose for the appointment.


For more information on the Minor in Translation Studies, take a look at the CompLit website.