Megan Vaandrager

From: Grand Rapids, MI

Education: Meg is a sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Public Health Sciences on the pre-med track.

How she ended up here: Meg wanted to explore her interests in neuroscience after spending some time in the ecology and evolutionary biology world. She met Dr. Tronson through a mutual connection in her previous lab.

Research interests: Meg is interested in the roles hormonal contraceptives play on the brain and behavior.

What she’s studied in the past: At the Duffy lab her freshman year, Meg researched disease ecology. Specifically, she studied how maternal age affects offspring resistance to pathogens in Daphnia.

What she’s studying now: Meg’s current projects include immunohistochemistry analysis and helping Kristen Schuh with her ongoing hormonal contraceptive research.

Involvements outside of the Tronson lab: Meg is on the research committee of Prison Birth Project, a member of the Public Health Association, principal flute of the Campus Symphony Orchestra, and a member of the piccolo section of the Michigan Marching Band.

Hobbies/Fun Facts: Outside of school, Meg enjoys backpacking with friends, reading, andplaying theflute.