Meet Our Executive Team

Edie Goldenberg

Faculty Advisor and Founder
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Favorite Part of Working With TUT: “TUT is a group of students from all around U of M with strong commitments to public service. They are creative doers and effective leaders. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

Camron Razdar
Political Science
Favorite Part of Working with TUT: “I haven’t met a single student who thinks voting isn’t important. TUT provides a venue for engaging and uniting students from all backgrounds to promote civic engagement on campus.”

Josiah Walker
Vice President
Organizational Studies
Favorite Part of Working with TUT: “I love that TUT encourages civic engagement across political perspectives. Since no one party or individual has the solution to every problem, it’s imperative that everyone participates in the political process.”

Logan T. Woods

PhD Candidate
Political Science (American Politics)
Favorite Part of Working with TUT: “I enjoy working with people across the university, hearing their ideas for how best to get eligible students registered and voting. The university wide buy-in is inspiring.”