Meet Our Executive Team

EDIE GOLDENBERG, Faculty Advisor and Founder
Professor – Political Science, Public Policy
“TUT is a group of students from all around U of M with strong commitments to public service. They are creative doers and effective leaders. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

Senior – Political Science
“I love that TUT encourages civic engagement across political perspectives. Since no one party or individual has the solution to every problem, it’s imperative that everyone participates in the political process.”

SOPHIE GREENBERG, Vice President of Education
Sophomore – Public Health, Public Policy
“My favorite part about Turn up Turnout is the way that it brings together so many people from diverse academic interests around campus to work together on improving civic engagement.”

MAXWELL BARMACK, Vice President of Registration
Sophomore – Political Science, Computer Science
“My favorite part about TUT is helping people register to vote. I love to see the results of all of our hard work!”

JOSEPHINE SWANEY, Vice President of Turnout
Sophomore – Economics, Public Policy
“I love that TUT helps people get engaged in the election process and promotes a culture of voters at U of M.”

LOGAN T. WOODS, Secretary
PhD Candidate – Political Science (American Politics)
“I enjoy working with people across the university, hearing their ideas for how best to get eligible students registered and voting. The university wide buy-in is inspiring.”