Meet Our Executive Team

Edie Goldenberg
Faculty advisor and Founder
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Favorite Part of Working With TUT: “TUT is a group of students from all around the UM with strong commitments to public service. They are creative doers and effective leaders. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

Elaina Rahrig
Political Science major, Music minor
Favorite Part of Working With TUT: “I really enjoy facilitating workshops with high school students. It’s great to see young people freely expressing their opinions on topics they care about and listening to one another.”

Tara Jayaram
Vice President
Political Economies and Development
Favorite Part of Working With TUT: “I love getting to know students across campus and seeing the creative ways they choose to make civic engagement a priority.”

Alton B.H. Worthington
PhD Candidate
Political Science (IPE)
Favorite Part of Working with TUT: “Finding new ways to get students engaged with politics
and helping them overcome procedural barriers to ballot access.”