Election Day

Community Shuttles

On Election Day, buses will pick students up at North Ingalls Mall and outside of the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. These buses will transport students to and from their neighborhoods, with stops near polling places. All bus rides are free for students.

Routes and Stops:

Red Route Blue Route Yellow Route Purple Route
Penny Stamps Building Rackham Building Rackham Building Rackham Building
Northwood V CC Ann Arbor District Library Angell Elementary Ann Arbor District Library
Thurston Elementary U-M Coliseum Tappan Middle School Bach Elementary
Logan Elementary Mary St. Polling Station St. Clare Church/Temple Beth Emmett Slauson Middle School
Willow Tree Apts. (Plymouth Rd.) Pioneer H.S. Rackham Building Community High School
Northside Elementary U-M Coliseum Rackham Building
Penny Stamps Building Rackham Building

Parties at the Polls

While students wait for their buses at both locations, we will have stations where students can pick up free food, get information about what polling place they are registered at, and play games. These “parties at the polls,” including the free food, are open to all students regardless of if they’ve already voted, are voting later that day, or aren’t voting at all–so join us!


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