For Students

Umich TurboVote: Link

The Ginsberg Center at the University of Michigan: Link 

Campus Vote Project (State-by-State Student Guide): Link

Vote Pledge: Link

For Campus Organizers

Students Learn Students Vote: Link

Promote Informed Voting on Your Campus Flyer: Link 

Democracy Works: Link

TurboVote: Link

TUT Workshop Packages

One of TUT’s main projects is our civic engagement workshop which aims to explain how and why it’s important to vote. (Learn more on our initiatives page) Below are links to all the resources one needs to facilitate their own version of the workshop. Each workshop has a theme for the deliberative discussion, or you may choose to remove the deliberative discussion altogether for your workshop. Each package includes (1) presentation slides, (2) facilitator notes explaining how to give the workshop, and (3) two handouts to be used in the workshop. Email us at with any additional questions.

Death Penalty Package: Link

Free College Package: Link

Hurricane Relief Package: Link