Intimate Strangers: Latin America, Spain, and the Middle East

This conference examined issues in the relations of the Iberian world with the Middle East, featuring presentations focusing on comparative, cultural, and political studies of Spain, Latin America, and the Middle East, and provided educators of grades 7-12 with information and material for building unit lessons on the Middle East. 

School teachers from the University of Puerto Rico High School and the Puerto Rican Public School System, as well as undergraduate students from the University of Puerto Rico’s College of Education, and teachers from Michigan were invited to attend the symposium. The event was broadcasted live on the internet so that teachers who could not attend in person were able to participate in the discussions. The broadcast was made available through the Galileo website, a broadcasting system developed by University of Puerto Rico professors. 

This conference was sponsored by the Centers for Middle Eastern and North African Studies and for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Michigan and the Colleges of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education at the University of Puerto Rico. 


Featured Speakers


JUAN COLE, Professor of History, University of Michigan

Iran and Latin America

JUAN F. CARABALLO-RESTO, Professor of Anthropology, University of Puerto Rico

Islamic Fundamentalism Across Cultures: Entanglements of Discourse, Agency and Power

SERGIO I. MOYA-MENA, Professor of Political Science, University of Costa Rica

Central America and the Middle East: Separated by Distance, Connected by History