Research Interests

coffee plantationThe main research areas of the lab are:

1   Forest Ecology

2   Tropical Agroecology

3    Theoretical Ecology

Forest ecology is concentrated at the E. S. George Reserve, North of Ann Arbor, where we are monitoring a 25 Ha permanent plot. Tropical agroecology is concentrated on the ecology of the traditional shaded coffee agroecosystem in southern Mexico where a large plot (45 hectares) has been followed for the past two years and the spatial dynamics of a major arthropod community is under study. Theoretical ecology is focused on the study of coupled systems of consumer/resource (using LV-type equations) and spatial dynamics (usuing stochastic cellular automata and coupled map lattices) connected with the field work in both Michigan and Mexico. The lab works closely with the lab of Ivette Perfecto in the School of Natural resources and Environment.