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All 4 Undergrad have successfully secured amazing Summer Positions!

Our first UROP student, Ian Lemersal, is heading to Susan Golden’s lab at UCSD studying the circadian rhythms of cyanobacteria and how they effect/control cellular processes

Our 3rd year thesis student, Jessica Zhang, has been admitted to the UCSF Summer Research Training Program (SRTP)

Our 4th year thesis student, Brice Calco, landed a two year NIH postbac Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) recipient studying myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) /chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in Bethesda, Maryland

Our work-study student, Avery Lui, landed a 2 year full-time position teaching biology for 6th – 12th grade in the SanFran Bay Area through Teach For America

Congrats to all! You will be missed!

Anne awarded a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant!

Anne got money for the lab faster than her PI!



Our Min art made it into the BioArtography Collection at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

SciTwitter – Proof that it’s a thing and it’s useful!

An awesome book recently came out called Prokaryotic Cytoskeletons.

Like with all papers that I like, I tweeted it out to promote the book, but with a very mild critique “Not a fan of the title”.

This storify shows the SciTwitter explosion that happened next!

March 2017 – TIRF Microscope Setup!

Nikon Ti2 with 4 laser HTIRF, autofocus, Prime 95B CMOS camera and XY miniscanner for FRAP. Tee hee…

April 2017 – First Grad Student Joins Lab!

Very fortunate to have Pusparanee Binti Hakim (aka Rotation Anne) join the lab on April 15th, 2017 as my first official graduate student! Thanks Anne!

April 2017 – Our Min Patterns make the NIH Director’s Blog!

Cool Videos: Making Multicolored Waves in Cell Biology

2016 FASEB BioART Competition

Best Video!

2016 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition

Honorable Mention!

Image of the Day in the Scientist Magazine

Min system making hypnotic spirals!