Vassilis Lambropoulos is the C. P. Cavafy Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. He was a Professor of Modern Greek at the University of Michigan (1999-2018) and The Ohio State University (1981-99) where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Modern Greek language, literature, criticism, and culture, as well as literary theory and comparative literature. A native of Athens, Lambropoulos received his B.A. from the University of Athens and his Ph.D. from the University of Thessaloniki. His main research interests are modern Greek culture; classical reception and the classic; civic ethics and democratic politics; tragedy and the tragic; word/poetry and music. His authored books are Literature as National Institution (1988), The Rise of Eurocentrism (1993), and The Tragic Idea (2006). He co-edited the volumes The Text and Its Margins (1985) and Twentieth-Century Literary Theory (1987) and two special issues of academic journals on “The Humanities as Social Technology” (October, 1990) and “Ethical Politics” (South Atlantic Quarterly, 1996). He has been publishing papers, essays, articles, reviews, and translations in journals, periodicals, and newspapers. He has been serving on the editorial board of several international journals. He explores the notion of revolution as hubris in modern tragedy in the site-in-progress The Tragedy of Revolution and he blogs on music, literature, friends, and resistance at Piano Poetry Pantelis Politics.