Selected Talks & Interviews

NAS: What Children Reveal About the Origins of Altruism and Fairness

Seymour Benzer Lecture, the National Academy of Sciences

PBS: Altruism in Children & Chimps

The Human Spark with Alan Alda

TEDx: The Origins of Altruism


The Roots of Altruism

Presentation at Heart-Mind Conference 2014

The Evolution of Cooking

Public lecture with Dr. Alexandra Rosati at the Cafe Sci Boston



Chimpanzees Would Cook

– New York Times, 2015

Master Chef – Chimpanzee Edition

– Quirks and Quarks podcast, 2015

Chimps who cook

– WNYC radio show, 2015

The development of human Altruism

–┬áStanford CCARE, 2014

Interview on altruism

– Heart-Mind Conference Vancouver, 2014

How Do Children Develop Empathy?

– The Daily Circuit, MPR News, January 2013

Altruism & Social Intelligence

– Darwin Day panel discussion at NYU, 2012

Every Chimp for Himself

– Nature Podcast, July 2011

Altruism in chimps and humans

– Exploratorium, August 2008

Chimp Behavior in Lab and Field

– Exploratorium, August 2008

Ursprung der Kooperation

– Keynote address at Festpielhaus Bregenz (in German)

Foundations of Human Cooperation

– Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium, Indonesia