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Moving Crates

LSA Movers will provide units moving into Weiser Hall with moving crates. The dimensions of the crates are 24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75.

Tips and notes on the proper use of crates:

  • Place a crate on the wheeled dolly, fill crate, and close.
  • Place the heaviest crate on the bottom.
  • Set up to 3 more crates on top of first crate.
  • No more than 4 crates on each wheeled dolly.
  • Crates must be on a wheeled dolly or movers will not take them.
  • Label each crate on the end panel, attaching label with Scotch tape. Labels will be provided for your use.
  • Do not write on crates or use adhesive labels.
  • Noting contents on label aids in the unpacking process.
  • Crates of books should be labeled, “BOOKS”.
  • Crates are NOT to be used to move computer monitors or computer towers. Computer components (cables, mouse, keyboard, etc.) can be placed inside a large Ziploc bag and the bag can be packed inside a crate.

Working at Weiser

Weiser Hall is now open, and units have begun occupying the building! After several years of planning, it is very exciting to see the project so close to completion and to see people start using the space. Several tools have been created to help people adapt to working at Weiser Hall and to have reference materials about building features and reservable rooms.

The Weiser Hall Welcome Guide and Room Guide are attached to this post, and can also be found on the Working at Weiser page on the site menu.

Weiser Hall Retreats

In preparation for moving to Weiser Hall, staff and faculty from occupant units are invited to participate in retreats during the month of May. These meetings are being organized by floor, so that people sharing a common space will be able to collectively set expectations for working. The goal is to work together to establish norms while building connections.

Each retreat will take about 2.5 hours, with lunch served either at the beginning or end of the session. The basic agenda we will follow is below.

Introductions, Meeting Objectives, Agenda

Unpacking Change Readiness

  • Defining and identifying change readiness
  • Change Path activity

New Ways of Working

  • Spaces, tools, and behaviors that impact work
  • Mapping a Day activity

Establishing Norms

  • Why do we have norms?
  • I Second That activity
  • Norm development, communication plan

Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

Move-in Schedule

Week of July 17
2nd floor – CGIS & CEAL

Weeks of July 24 & 31
3rd, 4th, 5th floors – International Institute

Week of August 7
6th & 7th floors – MIDAS, Complex Systems,  MCAIM, & CSBYC

Week of August 14
8th floor – Organizational Studies & Barger Leadership Institute

Week of August 21
9th floor – ELI & Weinberg Center for Cognitive Science

Preparing to move

Units will begin moving into Weiser Hall in mid-July, which is 102 calendar days from today! That may seem like plenty of time, but there are some things that can be done now to avoid a last-minute rush.

LSA Facilities has created a Moving Guide with some tips and resources related to moving. While some of these tasks are being managed for Weiser Hall units, the guide is a handy reference about the overall process.

You must be logged into a U-M Google account to view the Moving Guide, which can be accessed here.

Document Retention and Shredding

Now is the time to prepare for the move to Weiser Hall by sorting through files and deciding what does and does not need to be taken to the new space. If you’re not sure what documents the department needs to keep, please see the LSA Records Retention Policy for current guidelines.

Units may want to scan documents rather than discard them. If that’s the case, consider using ITS Imaging Services, which can assist with scanning and digitizing files.

For secure shredding, U-M’s strategic supplier is Corrigan. With a shortcode, they can deliver bins that they will later pick up and take for shredding. See the Corrigan flyer or reach out to the contact:

Sales Rep: Dan Burke
Office direct: (734) 973-4405
Cell: (734) 347-8080

Business card, stationery ordering

For information about how to order new business cards, letterhead, and envelopes with Weiser Hall addresses, please see the “Weiser Hall business card, stationery ordering” resource. It is recommended that new materials are ordered approximately 2-4 weeks prior to moving into Weiser Hall. For large units with many business cards, ordering up to 6 weeks in advance is advisable.

Weiser Hall Suite Numbers

Are you wondering what the address of one of the future occupants of Weiser Hall will be? LSA Facilities has confirmed that each floor of the building will be identified in campus mail and by campus emergency personnel as “Suite X00.” For example, units on the second floor will share the mailing address of Suite 200. Individual offices within the space have assigned room numbers. The official mailing address is as follows:

Weiser Hall
500 Church Street, Suite X00
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1042

To see which floors units will be on in Weiser Hall, visit the Departments & Units page.

Town Hall Forum presentations

It was great to have nearly 80 people attend the Weiser Hall Town Hall Forum on January 11! We recorded the presentations and Q&A, and are making that video available on YouTube.

We also have each of the presentations available to view. Please click the links in the agenda below for individual presentation content.

Town Hall Forum to launch Weiser Hall: January 11, 2017


  1. Welcome Remarks and Change Management Kick-Off – LSA Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Faculty Project Shepherd, Liz Cole (10 minutes) (1:00-1:10)
  2. Vision for Weiser Hall – Susan Monroe, LSA Capital Projects Manager (10 minutes) (1:10-1:20)
  3. Architectural Design – Donald Schmitt, Principal, and Erin Broda, Staff Architect, Diamond Schmitt Architects (25 minutes) (1:20-1:45)
  4. Interior Design – Karen Baker and Whitney Malarik, UM Interior Design Services (20 minutes) (1:45-2:05)
  5. Team-Based Learning Classrooms – Monika Dressler, Director, LSA Instructional Support Services (10 minutes) (2:05-2:15)
  6. Change Management – Rachel Brichta, Transition Coordinator (15 minutes) (2:15-2:30)
    1. Move In Schedule and Logistics
    2. Upcoming Floor Retreats
  7. Question and Answer – All (30 minutes) (2:30-3:00)
  8. Adjourn