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Friendship Study

The WHIRLab is trying to learn more about close friendships in emerging adulthood. We are recruiting pairs of friends to take part in a 30-minute in-lab study ($10 compensation for each participant, or 0.5 Subject Pool Credit for those in the Introductory Psychology Subject Pool).

The study includes a quick background survey and an in-person lab session where you will complete a series of short surveys and tasks. During the in-lab session, we will also collect physiological data such as blood pressure and heart rate (both non-invasive).

Want to enroll in the study?

Complete the brief prescreening survey HERE.

More About the Study:

Participating with your friend: We are interested in the experience of both members of a friendship and would set up a time when you and your friend can come in to the lab together for no more than half an hour (30 minutes). After the lab session, you will each receive $10 as cash (or 0.5 credit for those involved through the Introductory Psychology Subject Pool). Each friend can receive separate forms of compensation, so those involved in the Subject Pool and receiving credit can bring a friend with them who will then receive $10 as compensation. Prior to the lab session, you will be asked to complete a brief background survey to check your eligibility that typically takes 10 minutes.

Privacy: Though we ask for your email in order to coordinate your presence in the lab, any information you provide during the session will not be associated with your identifying details. We will record audiovisual data if your consent is given. De-identified data may be made available online to other researchers. Aggregated results may be posted online.

Questions about the study? Contact us at

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