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Media Contributions by Lab Members

Featured popular-media articles and presentations from our members and collaborators.

The Country Needs Marital Therapy by Amie M. Gordon

“A national divorce isn’t really an option. So what would it take to make
this broken relationship work?” Keep reading at

How Working Parents Can Prioritize Sleep by Amie M. Gordon and Christopher M. Barnes

“When you’re juggling a job, kids, and all the details of everyday life, sleep feels like a luxury you can afford later, when your kids are grown. Instead of sleeping, parents use those precious few moments they have at the end of the day to catch up on work or take some much needed me-time. But the problems that come with not getting enough sleep won’t simply step aside and wait until retirement. Sleep deprivation magnifies the challenges in an already difficult life. One area where sleep deprivation takes its toll is on our relationships, both at home and in the workplace.” Keep reading at

Between You and Me: Psychology Today Column by Amie M. Gordon

Want a Relationship Boost? Look for the Absence of Conflict
Are you looking for a relationship quality booster? Try paying attention to absence of conflict in your relationships–sometimes what’s missing matters as much as what is there.
4 Truths About the Division of Labor Among Couples
Fair division of labor is considered key to a successful marriage. But what determines fairness?

A Relationship Researcher’s Perspective on the Pandemic
The pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives. As a relationships researcher, I can’t help but wonder about all the ways this global event is impacting our relationships.

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