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Media Featuring WHIRLab

Popular media articles, podcasts, and videos featuring WHIRLab research.

The Guardian – Apps and algorithms: can dating be boiled down to a science? (Podcast)

National Geographic – This Is Your Brain on Dating Apps

Vogue – Maybe The Gratitude Trend Isn’t All Positive

Time Magazine – We Need More ‘Good Conflict’ in Our Lives. Here’s How It Works

The Knot – Why You Should Consider a Sleep Divorce for Your Relationship

Michigan Radio Stateside – How the pandemic changed our relationships — for better and worse (Podcast)

Shondaland – Constructive Ways to Deal With Conflict

The Times – Two Little Words That Can Make Everything Better in the Workplace

Beme News (CNN’s YouTube Channel) – We’re Working Ourselves to Death 

Health Magazine – Tapping into Gratitude

APS Observer Magazine – The Hidden Costs of Sleep Deficits

The Guardian – Looking Tired Can Harm Your Social Life, Say Researchers 

Business Insider – 6 Unexpected Psychological Reasons People Get Into Fights

The Huffington Post – How To Find Common Ground When You And Your Partner Disagree

Business Insider – Psychologists Figured Out One Trait That Makes Relationships Last

CNN – Why 3-Day Weekends Are Good For You

Harvard Business Review – Working Too Hard Makes Leading More Difficult

The Wall Street Journal – To Build Intimacy, Trust, Satisfaction, Celebrate the Good Times 

Business Insider Giving Thanks Could Be the Key To Lasting Relationships

The Los Angeles Times – Get Some Sleep, and Your Partner Will Thank You

The Huffington Post – Poor Sleep Could Negatively Impact Gratitude in Relationships, Study Suggest

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