About me

Department of Anthropology
Paleoanthropology Laboratory
Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Museum of Anthropology
Core Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, Bone Research Center
Office and Laboratory 231 West Hall
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1092
Phone and Fax: 734 4753291



A.B.     Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1964                                                                 Major: Anthropology                     Minor: Mathematics                                                                           Ph.D.  Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1969                                                                   Major: Biological Anthropology   Minors: Zoology, Archaeology                                                   Advisor: Eugene Giles (see http://www.physanthphylogeny.org/about/)                          Dissertation: Metric Trends in Hominid Dental Evolution

Academic Positions

1977 to present  Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan                                             1976 to present  Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan                                                                                                                                                    2004 to present  Bone Research Center at the University of Michigan Core Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders                                                                                                                    2002 to present  Founding Editorial Board for PaleoAnthropology                                                2007 – 2012         Editorial Board for American Anthropologist                                                            2004 – 2008         Advisory team for the University of Pennsylvania Museum exhibit on the Place of Humans in Nature from an Evolutionary Perspective                                                   1999                     Scientific Committee for International Conference “The Neandertals and Human Evolution in Central Europe”                                                                                 1996                     Historic Consultant, Film Roos                                                                                1994 -1995          Honorary Research Associate, Biological Anthropology Research Programme, University of the Witwatersrand.                                                                                                           1992 – 1995         Panel of Referees for Human Evolution                                                                    1991 (summer)   Visiting Fellow, Department of Prehistory, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, Canberra                                                                                            1989 (summer)   Lecturer, Department of Archaeology, University of Capetown                        1986 -1992          Reading Committee for Collegium Anthropologicum                                             1983 – 1987         Executive Committee, Biological Anthropology Section of the American Anthropological Association (Founding Executive Committee)                                                       1982 – 1984         Reading Committee for L’Anthropologie                                                                  1977 to present  Professor of Anthropology                                                                                       1973 – 1982         Editorial Board for Journal of Human Evolution                                                      1973 – 1977         Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan                            1972 – 1980         Physical Anthropology Editor for Warner Module Publications, Inc. (changed to MSS Information Corporation Module Series)                                                                                   1971 – 1973         Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan                             1968 – 1971         Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University           1968 – 1971         Associate Curator of the Hamann-Todd Collection, Cleveland Museum of Natural History                                                                                                                                        1965 – 1968         Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, Department of Anthropology, Urbana, Illinois                                                                                                                                                     1965                      Research assistant for Dr. Eugene Giles in Ticul, Yucatán, for a genetic analysis of gene flow